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M Management

A multi-competenced professional to support your company

Software Development



I can support the investor, the owner, the company's management team in different functions. No matter the company size, the location. For an acquisition and the process of integration. For a project, related to logistic, operations, information technology.
As a Finance and Planning specialist, I can manage or integrate the company resources in Strategic Planning, in Business Planning or Financial Planning.
As a Software solutions provider I can manage or support implementation or development projects. This for ERPs, Analytics, Tableau ©,  Filemaker © and other. 


Project and Change Management

Business Implementation support, Foreign Business setup support, On site representation and support. Experience in supporting the company ownership's generational passage.


Organization Audit

As for solid experience on different function management and for specific streamline projects I can support the board in organisation's flows assesment and in value stream mapping.


Software Solution Design

Business or Project Financial Planning solution, Activity database management, Tracking of Professional Activity, Time Tables.
These are some example of software solution development. 

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