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Stefano Mancabelli is an experienced Professional.

Stefano is Graduated in Economics, has a Master in Business Tax Planning and has an Engineering Diploma in Aeronautics.

He has a proven track as Executive, CFO, Financial Controller, HR Manager, IT Manager, and as Project Manager.

His experience matured in relevant national and international Companies or Group of Companies. He has wide achievements list in Project Management, related to M&A, Logistic, Restructuring, Integration, Implementations.
Experience matured in Industrial and Services,  in Media, GDO, Industrial Distribution, Engineering and Manufacturing, Real Estate.

His current initiative as Professional and temporary manager and Advisor has been in Real Estate management, Assessment and Business opportunities evaluation, Business Planning, Audit and Processes Review, Wealth Management, Reporting Systems setup, Automotive.

He is also a Software Solutions Developer and has experience in Analytics and Business Intelligence software systems.

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