As defining times and methods to achieve a strategic objective and target, the planning phase is crucial. It translates a wish in time frames and resources needed, while designing road map and priorities.

By projecting required activities it determines economic and financial elements. This of course impact cash flows and capital need, up or down.

It typically crosses the most of operative parameters and areas, as marketing, sales, competition, pricing, sourcing, manufacturing, engineering, human resources, taxation and more.

The need of planning raises in the most of ordinary or special moments, from the beginning to the closing. We can call or name it in different ways, but principles are about the same.

Most of the Reporting measures variances between plan and actuals, visualise trends, suggests corrections or improvement. The Reporting setup, in term of timing, methodology and accuracy become crucial as well.

Tables, Dashboard, Scorecard, KPIs are the Business Intelligence, the ability to capture in fluid way, elements and data flow available in the company. When properly managed it can immediately provide informations and evidences to boards and management.